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8 Essentials for Burning Man

One of the most popular and creative festivals in the world is coming up soon and we are so excited! Burning man was first held 32 years ago in San Francisco but has since moved to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, where it is a celebration of self expression, ‘radical inclusion’ and participation. One of the main principles of the festival is to leave no trace, which is why the large art installations are taken down after the festival, and party-goers are asked to clean up after themselves - in order to preserve the environment and themselves. Exploring various forms of self-expression has been something the festival is known for, which is why the costumes are getting bigger and brighter and the various activities, such as art cars and interactive sculptures, are build for the enjoyment of all, and inspired by the yearly theme.

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Burning man will take place from August 26th to September 2nd of this year and the theme is I, Robot, which already sounds like a lot of fun - and more importantly, wildly creative costumes, art and sculptures, in which the attending community will be able to submerge.
We at FLAVR have always been great fans of festivals and Burning Man is one to stick out - not only because they motivate their community to ‘Leave no Trace’ and be ecologically sustainable while having the time of their life at a festival, but also because it encourages and celebrates self-expression, which is one of the key goals here at FLAVR, too.

That is why we have put together a list of 8 essentials to take to the festival - should you be one of the lucky ones that was able to get a ticket!

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1 - With the festival being in the desert, it is important that you bring the printed out directions to the festival from Nevada - and an additional GPS just in case!

2 - A huge cooler filled with water, your favorite drink, and snacks - remember, the days in the desert can be long and hot, which is why you will need to be able to get your energy back up with some food and water after a day - and night - of dancing.

3 - A tent. Like every festival, Burning Man allows the festival goers to camp on the festival grounds, which is why you need your full camping equipment, including your tent, sleeping mat and pillow for the time in Nevada.

4 - A bike. Yes, this sounds odd - but with the festival growing immensely each year, and the festival grounds expanding, there will be things on the plaza that you will want to check out - and they are far apart!

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5 - Your phone. This does not seem necessary to put on a list, but it is better to make sure. Bring your phone, a battery pack and a solar charger so you can take as many photos and videos of the art as you can!

6 - Your favorite FLAVR case to match your eccentric Burning Man outfit! This can be anything from our floral print case to our palm leaves to match the nature-theme. Or the ring holder so you can take the best selfies on the festival grounds?

7 - Sunblock. You are in the desert - so what could be more important than protecting your skin from the burning sun? Exactly, pretty much nothing! The weather will be ruthless at times, from freezing temperatures during the night to the burning 40° sun during the day, so pack lots of sunscreen!

8 - A trash bag. This is probably the least romantic of all items, but with the ‘Leave No Trace’ policy it is important that you clean up after yourselves and leave nothing, especially no cans or plastic wrappers behind.

Source: Pinterest
We hope that this list will help you pack if you are one of the lucky participants and we can’t wait to see the photos of this years ‘I, Robot’ Burning Man!